Still Waiting for Superman?

Yesterday I saw a snippet of Oprah where she revisited a conversation with former chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools, Michelle Rhee, broadcast during the promotion for documentary, Waiting for Superman. Rhee was back to announce her decision to fight for the nation’s children by creating Students First.

Now, as a DC resident, I was not a Rhee fan, but I did not disagree with all of her actions. If you are an educator but are not serving our children you need to go- PERIOD. Too many educators are burnt out, just coming to earn a check and mistreating our children. Yet, I was impressed yesterday by her announcement and her decision to begin a MOVEMENT on behalf of our children.

As a nation, we should be in an uproar but sadly we are not. Access to quality education in this country is inextricably linked to class and race; interestingly, all of our children are losing ground relative to other nations. Until we realize we all have a stake in all children succeeding, it will not be a priority. The resources allocated to our public education system and their management is dispicable, not to mention the resources allocated to our youth, in general. The United States has fallen so behind in education, it is quickly becoming an issue that has national security implications. If you are unable to produce scientists, economists, researchers, engineers…

I admittedly have not seen this movie. As an education advocate, I received invitations to private screenings but was unable to attend any. Yesterday was my reminder that I need to carve out two hours in my schedule to go.

I’m putting students first, will you? Learn more at

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