A Woman’s Worth


This morning I was reflecting on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade when I passed a rental truck that was unloading placards for the “Right to Life” rally today. As I watched for a moment as several men unloaded them and wondered how many of the people who would be later brandishing the signs which read ‘Choose Life’ would be present with them at an execution. If it’s truly about the sanctity of life…but I digress.

I usually keep my opinion within my inner circle on this devisive issue, but something in me today can not contain it. How is it that many of the same folks including policymakers who would not support the child once it is born feel so strongly about the same child as a fetus? What about investing in public education, access to quality healthcare, strong afterschool programs, physical and arts education?- I could go on and on.

Additionally, we have a healthcare system that charges women more to take care of ourselves: mammograms, gynecological exams and obstetric care, when as a society we still pay women less money to pay for said care. The insurance companies will pay for Viagra but many will not cover various birth control options, especially pills. Go to a pharmacist and some will not fill a prescription for birth control yet have plenty of blue pills on tap.

Although my views on abortion have changed somewhat, this basic belief has not. My body is my body PERIOD. I respect people’s opinions but they should not translate into policy. Yes, I have children and I can not imagine my life without them in it. That does not change my belief that the government has no right dictating decisions for my family.

PS If men bore children, there would be no room for debate on this issue.

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