Olga’s Ocho Orders

I am re-reading a book (which I am known to do), A Little Piece of Sky, and I thought this was good and entertaining enough to share. And, who doesn’t love a list!

    Thing one. Know that even in a pile of mush, you can find a kernel of truth. So take that kernel and remember where you got it.
    Thing two ties in with thing one. ‘Everyone is someone’… so love yourself.
    Thing three. Always carry tissues and safety pins.
    Thing four. Know that you are standing on the shoulders of great people…
    Thing five. Always wear clean, neat underwear.
    Thing six. Cuss out one person everyday. Baby, it relieves stress.
    Thing seven. Either go hard or stay at home. (This one is my favorite or maybe #6)
    Thing eight. Take a deep breath everyday. You’ll feel better.

Here’s a bonus. Don’t take any wooden nickels.

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