I have it, all the time. Constipation of words, thoughts, ideas… they fight for space in my mind. They want to stretch out to become coherent posts, articles and poems. But there are so many of them, they often slam on brakes to avoid a multi-word pile up.

It is similar to writer’s block- the other side of the same coin. The end result is the same: a blank sheet or more aptly, a blank screen. When I was younger, I would suffer from writer’s block. I would stare and long for the words to come. Then I began to know myself better. I do not write that way. Words come to me. They cascade in pages, prose and lines of poetry. Which is why I keep stacks of journals and notebooks near my bed. Inspiration strikes when it will.

As an adult whose life is full to capacity, my mind wades through waves and waves of word. There is too much to write. Worldwide strife, domestic turbulence, political…I can not even come up with a word to finish that thought.

If only there were a chocolate-flavored laxative that would make them ease out. Perhaps I should start with a nice Reisling and go from there.

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