Do My Breasts Offend?

In Manhattan, a small-business owner is battling the condo board of the building from which she leases space. The complaint? Technically, a door left a few inches ajar. But at the heart of the complaint are breasts, breast-feeding that is.

Upper Breast Side provides support to lactating mothers via workshops, products and specialist referrals. However, the condo board apparently has an issue with breast-feeding. The previous tenant, a chiropractor left the door ajar as well because his patients had difficulty opening the door- as do mothers carrying infants or navigating strollers- however he was not cited.

A court found sufficient evidence to supprt the complaint and a public hearing will be held on March 23. In the meantime, the condo board has upped the anty charging that the owner is breaking zoning laws because her lease described the business as a community facility which by definition provides “educational, recreational, religious, health or other essential services for the community it serves.” They argue that it is a retail store.

I am hopeful that Manhattan and New York women will show up in volume for this hearing because it seems that the board can’t see beyond the breasts.

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