Money Pit, Part II

The second major project for my house was a new roof. I reaaaally wanted to finish the basement, but I had to prioritize and the responsible choice won.

It was a hefty investment but one that was long overdue. I was very lucky that my flat roof withstood the record snow of 2009. When I purchased the house in 2000, I was advised that I had about 3 years left on the roof…do the math. So I began to research roofing companies that were experts in flat roofs. Using my trusty Service Magic resource, I looked up service providers in my area as well as ratings.

After securing a company, I went with an upgraded finished product that had a 25-year life rather than the 10 year flat roof option with maintenance every 2-3 years. It added insulation material to the roof extending the life and lessening the interior temperature of my top floor. The added bonus was that it was energy-efficient, upping the “green” quotient of my house. And I got a tax credit!

Although I’m still bummed about my unfinished basement, I know that I made the best decision. Home ownership is about enhancing your investment, getting the best bang for your buck and peace of mind…especially for a single girl like myself with two kids banging around in here. A roof isn’t sexy, but I can breathe easier so to speak.

Stay tuned for the chronicles of the soon-to-be updated upstairs bath.

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