Say Aaaah!

According to the latest Milliman Medical Index (MMI), healthcare costs for a family of four is $19,393, a 7.3% or $1,319 increase over 2010. On the other hand, this is the lowest annual rate of increase in more than 10 years. The annual report looks at five components: inpatient facility costs, outpatient facility costs, professional services, pharmacy and other.

  • Hospital inpatient costs accounted for more than one-third of the increase. Inpatient costs totaled 31% of a family of four’s total annual healthcare bill.
  • Increased usage of outpatient facility care grew costs by 10% to $3,404.
  • The total dollars paid for physician care increased by 4.4% to $6,329. Physician services accounted for one-third of the total cost of care.
  • Insurers, providers, and employers are making efforts to deliver more healthcare value per dollar spent.
  • Pharmacy costs rose by 8% to $2,847. Higher average drug prices accounted for about 75% of the increase with higher usage accounting for just 25% of the increase.
  • Employers are passing along more costs to employees.

I am curious about the impact that healthcare reform has or will have…

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