Did You Make the List?

Well, your degree, that is.

The job market remains tight, unemployment and lay-offs still run rampant yet everywhere you turn there’s an ad telling you to go back to school. That’s right, rack up more debt when you don’t have a gig! Well, if you’re considering heading to a campus near you, ponder this.

Broader (not bigger) seems to be better. Employers want a broad base and versatility. Here are the top five degrees employers love.

  1. Bachelor’s in Business Administration: I remember when this degree signaled that you had no idea what you wanted beyond “to go into business.”
  2. Master;s in Business Administration: This degree seems to be timeless – go for it.
  3. Bachelor’s in Accounting: A snore fest to me but all the number-crunchers that I know stay employed.
  4. Bachelor’s in Communications: I fondly recall wandering the halls of Annenburg…near and dear to my heart…
  5. Bachelor’s in Information Technology: Was anyone surprised, really? I thought it would have been at the top of the list.

There you have it. The latest top ten to guide your future. Oh, how we love a Top Ten…

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