Move That Bus!

Over the past nine years, Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition has traveled the country rebuilding homes for families who rebuild their communities. They have found the most deserving people who give back regardless of the hardships that they have experienced or continue to experience in their own lives: veterans, teachers, mentors, fire fighters and counselors. And for these none years, I have eagerly watched the show and been ridiculed. Tonight marks the end of this show’s incredible run.

What began as a ritual for my daughter and me, became a weekly reminder that there are good people in the world. I was always moved by the capacity to give that people possess especially when they have lost so much. As I said, I have been derided for being a fan and remember with clarity the faces of co-workers when I explained why I loved this show. Yes, I am warm and fuzzy…I know.

So, each year the team came back with houses and extras that were bigger and better. Including tonight, the team totals 207 builds. I was always jealous that they were doing what they loved and the bonus sense of gratification that they must surely feel. I can not imagine that the Makeover team, builders and volunteers have not had their lives changed by this experience. 

The series finale showcased a huge build in Joplin, Missouri for seven families who lost homes in the tornado that struck the town in May 2011. Two of the families were single mothers who lost children during the disaster. They of course touched me in a way that is indescribeable. And the Nguyen patriarch was too cute! 

Thank you to ABC for this show. I have shed countless tears watching and my only regret was that I never volunteered on a build. Now I must wonder what will fill the void that this show is sure to leave.

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