An America Built to Last

POTUS Maximus used the phrase “an America built to last” repeatedly reminding us of the post-war economic boom which he recalled to discuss a unified America. It also put me in mind of the U.S. automobile industry which built this country…brilliant.

After opening with a salute to our vets, he implored Congress and the country to take a lesson from the troops: focus on the mission and work together. Then he laid out a blueprint, sprinkling in his Administration’s accomplishments and outlining legislation that he would like to see come across his desk, “send me a bill that….”

What does the blueprint include?

  1. Investment in education
  2. Accessing clean energy
  3. Creating jobs
  4. Federal funding for research
  5. Fair taxation
  6. Regulation of the financial industry
  7. Restoring the American dream for families: work hard, buy a home, send kids to college and put a little away for retirement.
  8. Invest in America (auto industry, research, keeping jobs here and bringing them back, make college accessible for all students, train workers for re-employment)
  9. Continue to fight terrorism
  10. End partisanship and politics

Of course, there was a Lincoln reference.

What is on the list of accomplishments? Increased VA benefits and spending, assassination of Bin Laden, bringing troops home from Iraq and healthcare reform.

My favorite quote? “We need to lower the temperature in Washington.” Americans are sick of the fighting.

In closing, another salute to our troops. Thank you for service and let’s follow their lead. So how did POTUS do?

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