No Sacrament for You!

Sooo…the Catholic Church can not stay out of the news. If I was a cynic, I would say that the institution has made a decision to be in the headlines. There’s no such thing as bad publicity…

Anyway. The priest that denied a lesbian parishioner communion at her mother’s funeral last month will not shut up. He issued a statement in his defense with tolerant and faithful quotes such as:

…public pressure to give Communion to the wrong people will force “the cruelest crisis of conscience that can be imposed.” 

“It seems to me, the lack of clarity on this most basic issue puts at risk other priests who wish to serve the Catholic Church in Washington D.C.”

I remain aghast at the inherent hypocrisy of religion, not just Catholicism- although they seem to lead the way. How to be vocal on private issues such as orientation and family planning but become mute when children are systematically raped. WOW.

If there is judgment to be cast, is it the role of the priest? And at her mother’s funeral…really?

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