Hush Little Baby


Last week my daughter brought home a computerized baby for a health class assignment. She kept it for two days and had to treat it as she would a real baby: when it cried, she had to tend to it (insert a key)- when it needed changing (insert the proper key) and when it was hungry, etc. It also had an abuse light that would alert the teacher if the baby was mistreated.

I’ve heard of this assignment, but had never seen it, especially up close. After the assignment, the students must write a reflection on the experience.

Okay…after five minutes in the car, it cried- loudly! Seven minutes later, it’s crying again and she has to find the appropriate key to use…diaper change again. Meanwhile, Diallo is telling her to make it be quiet.

“I just used that key!” I looked at her and said, “okay…it happens….”

She kept the baby for two nights and she was exhausted. The baby cried throughout the night and she had to make a journal entry each time. After the first night, as I dropped her off at school, my four year-old said matter of factly, “Don’t bring that baby back.” I silently agreed…

“Can you watch the baby while I take a shower?”

I nodded my head and almost felt sorry for her. I am hopeful that she is getting the lesson. Friday morning, she returned the baby and we were all thankful.

I look forward to reading her reflection (and having the next installment of sex talks…).

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