Papers, Please!

The proverbial slippery slope…

I’ve written about Arizona immigration “enforcement” before and I guess today, was a step forward in the right direction… However, the court didn’t strike down immigration checks during “traffic stops” which was the most disgusting part of that law for me. Arizona officers will still stop people based on how they look- this is racial profiling.

Obama said he was “concerned about the practical impact” of this remaining provision. “We must ensure that Arizona law enforcement officials do not enforce this law in a manner that undermines the civil rights of Americans.”

SCOTUS seemed to show confusion, even the liberal judges, at the Obama Administration’s concern about such checks. And I have to admit, I am disappointed with Sotomayor, NOT because of her ethnicity but how can she not see the slipperiness…what am I missing?

I understand protecting the borders, the issues presented by undocumented workers (including exploitation of the worker) and the potential costs/losses in tax revenue. But I guess I simply can not wrap my mind around this complex issue and the legalities involved. My ancestors were not immigrants but property and did not come here willingly, therefore I can not empathize. However, I know that many of the SB 1070 proponents’ ancestry includes immigrants. That is not to say, there needs to be no process but this issue is rife with hyprocrisy.

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