Gen Y, Again?

In a former position, we spent a lot of time convincing companies that Gen Y workers were an untapped talent pool– even dedicated research dollars to prove it… and it’s still up for debate apparently. Oh, what to do with Gen Y?!? Hire them. Teach them. Respect them as prior generations respected you. Do professionals forget that they were once 20 year-olds and their elders took issue with their differences? Give me a break!

I stumbled across this Forbes article that I enjoyed which speaks directly to the Gen Y/ Millennial professional.

So it’s time to own up and embrace the very thing that differentiates you. You can’t hide your age. It’s written on your face. Here’s how to flip the stereotypes and make your youth an indispensable asset.

1. You are experienced.

2. You’re untethered and flexible.

3. You’re energetic.

4. You are uniquely tapped into a key demographic.

5. Status quo is boring. Innovation is it.

6. You’re adaptable and willing to learn.

7. You’re comfortable with technology and willing to teach.

8. Multi-tasking is breathing with your eyes open.

9. You’re collaborative by training.

10. This is more than just a paycheck.

Kara would love this. 🙂

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