Girls, Girls, Girls


I have been remiss in my Olympic coverage. Women have been mentioned but not the subject of my posts!!

There is so much to talk about.

GABBY! Did what she came to do, positive attitude intact. I was annoyed with all the talk about Weiber not making the all-around, I thought it detracted from Aly and Gabby. It’s the Olympics- you have to bring it! However the girls of Team USA put it all out there and brought home gold after 16 years. After disappointment in the all-around on one of her best events, Aly has a gold to make her feel better. (shhhhh)

Venus and Serena win doubles gold, shocking… Serena earns her first indivodual Olympic gold.

Lolo Jones, another heartbreak. I was rooting for her. (shhhhh) Sonya Richards-Ross claimed her gold with her winning smile as did Ennis for Great Britian, making history. Ethiopian runner Dibaba kept gold in the fam with her 10000m dominance. It didn’t matter that the women from Afghanistan and Quatar did not move on to semifinal heats in track and field, the fact that they had the courage and wherewithall to continue their sport makes my eyes well up.

Missy Franklin astounded us wuth her speed and composure taking home several medals, including gold. And a 15year-old Katie Ledecky unseated a champion in the 800m freestyle. If Ye’s time crushed Lochte’s, then maybe thay 16 year-old is a beast! Do we jump to doping solely because a girl can’t do that?! Whatever you can do, I can do better…

I ❤ May-Treanor and Jennings!!! Will we ever get enough of them? Even with their ridiculous bodies in bikinis?! Their indoor volleyball counterparts are also setting up for the gold (tee hee hee).

We are waaaaaay beyond Title IX.

Stay tuned for more Olympian women posts… I can’t fit it all in here…

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