Youth In a Violent World


I keep thinking about the Maryland boy who was killed on the way to school Tuesday morning. I can not shake it. That is how he will be remembered. In an interview, the principal remarked that he “didn’t deserve to die.” Do any of them? We just keep burying our children and it continues.

I am sick to death of the gun violence in this country and the impact it has on the youth. A few weeks ago, again in Maryland, a female honors student was killed in her home while sitting in bed. Yesterday, there was an on-campus shooting at Morgan State University, in Maryland. The good news…no fatalities and the emergency alert system seems to be intact.

As a parent, my anxiety is high. How do you live after you get that call? These were teens who were good students with future plans, who were targeted. The third incident was on a college campus which should be safe for students.

Our young peoples’ lives are filled with violence, especially gun violence. They are both victims and perpetrators- it is a learned behavior. At this rate, this country’s level of violence is comparable to those that we have historically looked down upon.

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