Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of…


I think it boils down to these words that we had to memorize in elementary school.

This morning, I recalled a conversation that I had with an old friend and colleague. Her family was experiencing financial woes and I empathized; she and her husband had to decide if they should pull only their younger son from private school (or to pull both of them). She is an educator and we discussed the merits of keeping the older one (high schooler) there and explaining to the younger how this choice was not a reflection on him- I did not not envy her position. We also discussed the status of education that caused her to have to make such a choice.

When we put this in context, we can not ignore the current train of thought held by some that education is not a right but a privilege. For me it brings to mind that pesky 47 percenters that want everything handed to them and don’t want to work for anything. Never mind those who work hard and still have to make such decisions as my friend. However, her views and beliefs would cast her in that 47 percent along with me.

I guess it comes down to how you define “inalienable rights” and the “pursuit of happiness.” As a woman, some would argue that these historic ideals do not even apply to us, given the actual wording. Interpretation is at the core; many with opposing viewpoints opine that these ideals are under attack by this Administration…

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