Won’t Back Down: An Initial Flop


This movie’s Oscar-caliber cast and critical message did not salvage its opening weekend. First I’ll tell you why, then let’s talk about why this is so relevant.

People don’t wanna see movies that are so REAL about such a critical issue. It’s too gritty and it is unbelievable that we wouldn’t invest in our children’s education. If there aren’t grand explosions or some excessive nudity, we don’t want to see it…we don’t care. My mate (I’m testing out this word) and I are the only people I know that wanted to see it! It is sad that people don’t want to know what is going on in actual classrooms across the nation and why.

It is timely and relevant because education should be a top issue for this election and I still don’t see it enough. Domestic issues need attention! Employment and the economy, yes- but how can education not be mentioned in the same breath. Fix one and two but not the third and you’ve wasted time.

Think about this in light of the presidential debate and keep thinking about it up until you cast your ballot on the 6th.

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