Interview Q&A

Don’t get tripped up by that interviewer…

I know this is everyone’s favorite topic! You’ve studied the wesbite, the leaders in the company, their policies/financials/programming, social media channels, policy positions, events – you are well prepared. You leave early, giving yourself plenty of time to get there. You’re wearing the perfect suit and shoes, portfolio in hand (for some us).

As you sit in the lobby, you begin to feel very warm and wonder if it’s just you. A glass of water would be great right now. FOCUS, you tell yourself. Then, they call you back into the conference room.

As your heart begins to flutter, you say “I got this.” I have great experience and credentials. Then, the questions begin. If it’s a group interview, it can feel like a firing squad. Here are a few bullets (questions) that are bound to be fired your direction.

  1. What is your biggest weakness?
  2. What are your salary requirements?
  3. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  4. Why did you leave your last job? or Why are you looking?

Those were the questions, here are some answers- well, sort of…

Good luck.

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