Election Eve


I voted last week. It took an hour and I was excited that the long line kept growing. I’ll have to go out tomorrow so that I can tap into the charged atmosphere and buzz.

Although in DC, the only sexy race is the presidential one (not that it isn’t monumental). No question 6 (gay marriage) or 7 (new casino), no referendums to keep arts and sports in schools…that’s what no representation means! I digress. There was an interesting question that asked about local politicians/candidates and felonies; no doubt a result of bad behavior by DC politicians over the past five years…

When I talked to my friends across the country, I am hearing the same reports. People are voting!!! YES. What a relief, because I am sooo nervous about the run for POTUS. As Wanda Sykes shared this morning, “my butt cheeks are clenched.” I am anxious for what the future will look like for my children and the children of this country. What legacy will we leave them?

I have to say that I am astounded at the level of hatred involved in this election cycle though not surprised. I am also amazed by the copycat nature of policies (well most, not the war on women). As my uncle said, “He keeps copying from Obama’s test… keep your eyes on your own paper!” This is mind-boggling considering the President has “run the country into the ground.”

Anyway, you have to be impressed by a President who can be endorsed by Colin Powell and Jay Z. That is gangsta!!

So, after all my rambling, my point is to make sure you vote tomorrow. I won’t tell you for whom to cast your ballot, but I am hopeful your choice is truly based on what is best for your family and this country.

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