Thank a Vet Today, Everyday


There are many ways to say thank you.

Say it. Speak the words, “Thank you.” It is necessary and humbling. It means that you support soldiers, veterans and their families, not war.

Advocate. Support legislation that will help with their successful transition into civilian life, assist them to secure rightful benefits and ensure that they have housing and employment.

Hire veterans. Encourage your employer to hire veterans. Think outside the box to consider this under-utilized talent pool. Most soldiers have valuable transferable skills, unparalleled work ethic and stellar leadership abilities.

Talk to your reps. Hold your Congressional  representatives accountable. Make sure they support/vote for and/or introduce legislation that supports veterans, soldiers and their families.

Educate yourself. There are many stereotypes about those who serve in our military. They are young, smart, diverse and committed.

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