Hands Off Sesame Street!


First, we had Gov. Mitt Romney promising to rid us of our childhood friend Big Bird in an effort to reduce spending and balance the budget. God forbid we have the freedom of thought and discourse provided by PBS.

Most recently we had the dramatic details of Elmo’s creator (Kevin Clash) exposed to the world. Allegations were made of a possible relationship with a minor which have proven false.

Enough! Can we agree that Sesame Street should be safe from the malice of adults and the cruel world? Most of the world has learned and grown up with this cast of adorable puppets. (My son is watching it right now en Espanol- where is my nyay…). We should be able to come together on programming that benefits our children. I understand that such spending tends to be associated with “liberals” but COME ON! Sesame Street should be Switzerland.

A shout out to SCOTUS judge Sotomayor.

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