Day Three: Filagrastim


I did not go out last night. I thought I could do something light like dinner and a movie…NOT!

A pulsating dull ache awakened me during the night, so I’m tired. Thankfully a friend with a four year-old son had mercy on me and just picked up my son. I decided to eat cereal before the injection in case I lose my appetite.

Because I was more achy yesterday,my daughter went on a CVS run to get heated strips for my back and neck. Tylenol may as well be a placebo, but I don’t want a narcotic. Day 3 could be long.

Everyone responds differently to filgrastim: some have no issues at all and others are like me, I guess. There is nothing that I have experienced however that would change my decision to donate. This temporary discomfort is for the best cause.

So I will lie and down and watch Food Network for the day.

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