Grace Under Fire


Susan Rice withdrew her name from consideration for Secretary of State. In a letter to our President, she wrote that she did not want to be a distraction to all the work that needs to be done in the country.

I know they have been slamming her for the talking points prepared by intelligence that she delivered following the Benghazi attack. She has been a target when she did her job, using the best information available at the time. She was mainly a target because Obama liked her for the position.

I admittedly have not followed her career. I know she is extremely intelligent. I also know she has immense regret on the non-handling of Rwanda when she served under the Clinton Administration.

But I remember the girl with whom I went to school. She was older, but as an African American student (there weren’t many of us), we all kinda knew each other. It was an all girls school and I had a few “big sisters” who were closer to her age and knew the girl who mystified me. She had a natural (afro), she played basketball and she had this aura. I was young so I didn’t know what it was or why I was so awestruck. She had a quiet power and even then I knew she had something. In hindsight, I know that I was in the presence of greatness; I have only encountered a few with it.

I guarantee this is only a bump in the road of her journey.

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