The Power 20


This past election made history on many levels: legalized non-medical marijuana, gay marriage, Obama and the Power 20.

On Thursday, a record number of women were sworn into the US Senate, including Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) and they “have had it with gridlock and the way Congress works.” Gillibrand was sworn in with her two sons witnessing and she wasn’t the only one with kids in tow- I love that!

They hold quarterly meetings and see themselves as problem-solvers who want to tackle hefty issues plaguing our country: employment, transportation infrastructure, immigration, economic development and education. Instead they are frustrated by the abortion and contraception issues that keep creeping into amendments and re-surfacing on the floor for debate.

The group believes that with less testosterone, they do not feel the need to be combative always and work toward that ever elusive bi-partisanship.

What will be their legacy?

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