Online Dating Goes Beserk?


Ok. I’m not quite sure what to say about Manti Te’o. Who does that?!?!!!

I have never heard such a convoluted tale riddled with so many lies. And to what end? To make a stronger bid for Heisman? To hide a homosexual relationship? This is insane! And the volume of media attention is ridiculous…and I’m posting about it!

But I can’t help myself- this ia bizarre. I don’t follow college sports so I was unaware of this “inspirational” young man. I did not see the press conference, but the statements of the university and Te’o himself are incredible. Am I the only one not buying this hoax story? It is disgusting that someone would go to such lengths but it is a lie. Who was he supposedly talkung to on the phone? And didn’t the father make past statements about meeting her?

His talent seemed to be enough to stand on its own. Why did Te’o think people wouldn’t check when you start talking about death and cancer?

I would avoid him like the plague if I was the NFL or the hesiman committee. I would love to be a fly on the wall in Notre Dame’s PR offices…

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