Uncle Luke


Interestingly enough, I was just telling my daughter about 2 Live Crew about a week ago: the music and their landmark court case. A song was playing that used a sample from “Me So Horny” and we were discussing rap music. C’mon Tipper, teens have always listened to music that their parents rejected. How about parents engaging with their kids and actually knowing their friends, monitoring their music/game/tv consumption and…wait for it…talking about it.

BTW – I was a fan and I did not feel degraded as a woman… in my view, it was music plain and simple. In fact, I wrote an term paper on the supreme court ruling for my Media Law class in college, but I digress. 

ANYWAY, I stumbled across an article about how Luther Campbell aka “Luke Skywalker” is tearing it up on the football field as a defensive coordinator for a Miami high school. The writer’s underlying premise seemed to be that this former rap artist could not possibly be a role model to young men. Why not? We’re talking entertainment from more than twenty years ago!!! Obviously if he’s volunteering his time and has made personal financial investments in the recreational football leagues in his Miami neighborhoods, his priorities have changed. It bothered me that he was denied a coaching license based on his prior career.

Since 2010, he’s volunteered as an assistant coach with city approval at Miami’s Central and Northwestern high schools, which have each made appearances on Rivals.com’s national prep football rankings, but Florida officials refused to grant him a coaching license until this past summer, when the decision landed in an administrative judge’s lap.

Really?!? He has no criminal record, not a sex offender and is willing to donate his time to mold the youth of his neighborhood. Campbell is 53 and has a track record for charitable works and coaching in Miami. Florida offcials surely have more important issues to tackle than blocking this man’s volunteerism…no pun intended.

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