Who Runs the World?


Girls!…Indeed. You didn’t know?!?

If you tuned in to yesterday’s halftime show, Beyonce, the army of female dancers and her female band (I LOVE that) stole the show- and perhaps the electricity, literally. Mrs. Carter left it all on the stage. What lip synch controversy, hunh?…

Now, there was a time when I was not a Beyonce fan. I did not like that she seldom wore clothing while under the watchful eye of young, impressionable female fans. I also take issue with the fact that she has yet to earn a GED.

But, I have progressively gained respect for her as a performer…remember when she sang all of the oscar-nominated songs, including a french number? Then I began to respect her business prowess: her Vegas deal was for the record books and now Pepsi. And now, the ultimate test- a working mom. Granted she has resources to which most of us do not, but still has to tear herself in two as a career woman and mother and for that, I empathize. Also, she gained cool points in my book when she married self-made man Sean Carter aka Hova aka Jigga aka JayZ.

Oh yeah, the Ravens were great too… 😉

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