$8 Million Bail


Can you imagine having to serve as Castro’s public defender?

Just when you thought humankind could not scrape any lower in the barrel, meet Ariel Castro. In a year of kindergarten murders and marathon bombings, I thought I couldn’t get any more disgusted with people…

Yes, the women are free and home now, there is reason to celebrate. But I am saddened and infuriated by the deviated path these girls’ lives were forced to take. I was talking to a friend today and told him that this case underscored how closely I monitor the commuting of my 16 year old. Too many people think I’m paranoid. People steal/hurt/kill/rape teenagers too!

And how in the hell do you let the brothers go? Am I missing something?!??

A final thought: I hope the city and police departments are ready because lawsuits are a-brewin’… These women were a few miles from where they disappeared. WTF?!!!!

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