Go Britt!

Mercury Welcomes Brittney GrinerGood for Griner, good for Nike…shame on Baylor. But the university is not unique. And this is not a new issue; it probably precedes Title IX.

Rather than support our youth and current students, let’s persuade them to keep quiet about who they are …you don’t need anyone knowing your personal business! Because what we really want is to cater to the close-minded parents out there whose perspectives stagnate this country.

Our institutions of higher learning need to become just that. At such as critical time in life when young people are finding themselves, choosing their path and beginning their life’s journey, such a request could be devastating. Griner thankfully had the support of family and friends, but some youth do not. I don’t want to hear that it’s a Christian school because that further emphasizes my point. She is a beautiful, talented young woman who is making her unique mark on the world. Isn’t that what we claim to want for our children? Better?

To accept this type of thinking is to also support the other ignorant assumption: that all girls who play or excel in sports are gay. So I guess colleges better have “the talk” with all of its female athletes.

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