Honeysuckle Air


Caught me some honeysuckle air today.

Just a whiff,


While driving on the freeway

Windows down, hair blowin’, music blarin’

Trying to be carefree.

The sweet, heavy scent reminded me of Grandma’s

In the summertime.

Of climbing trees,

Playin’ kickball

And eating blackberries and sugar ‘til we could burst.

Of running fast with the wind on my face and barrettes stingin’ my back

As my plaits slapped.

That honeysuckle air

Punted me back into memories of my pink and white Huffy

And rollerskatin’ on concrete.

Scraped knees and lightning bugs,

Summer vacation, freeze tag

And the days when my universe consisted of home, Grandma’s house and school.

Caught me some honeysuckle air today.

And I could see Grand-dad in the kitchen,

Fussin’ over sugar roses and tiers of buttercream and promises.

Bright, blue days that stretched forever and never-ending, gut-busting laughter

Between childhood friends.

The smell of the grill, cherry popsicles and shit-talking

From relatives playin’ Spades.

Sittin’ in the cherry tree with Metri,

Gigglin’ and talkin’, ignorant of the world.

Firecrackers and pop guns

Jumpin’ over the pond and catchin’ guppies…

That honeysuckle air.

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