Writer’s Flood

It has been two weeks since my last post and I am out of sorts. I’ve had another birthday, a bout of the flu and the world has continued at a hurdling pace. There has been so much, too much, to write about that I find myself at that familiar place that disheartens me far more than writer’s block ever did.

I have so much to say or write that nothing bubbles to the surface. In Washington, the feds are back open, a disoriented mother was gunned by Capitol police and Walmart is closing in; nationally,  gunmen continue to terrorize the country yet no national gun control legislation has moved; Corey Booker was sworn in (yeah!) and Virginia has a crucial election next week. Yesterday, the food assistance level was cut from families and the healthcare marketplace suffers yet another setback…

Good news? I’m on my first, college road trip for my daughter. We drove all night and over 500 miles to see her top two in the same day. Of course there were purchases in the respective bookstores to further commemorate the trip, but no campus pictures – go figure. Tomorrow (today) is just for us to explore the city, eat good food and take pictures. Then it’s back on the road for the grueling drive back to research and an interview for me, scholarship apps and labs for her. [Middle leg of the college journey. Subsequent posts to follow…]

Point is, sometimes I have to keep it close to home, I guess. Write about what I know best.

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