It’s Been On My Mind


Not long after the federal government shutdown, a CT woman led the police on a high-speed chase from downtown to Capitol Hill. The details weren’t forthcoming after the ordeal, especially in comparison to the live coverage of the events leading up. Television programming was interrupted and we saw tweets from staffers and Congress alike reporting gunshots.

DC had just endured the tragic Navy Yard shooting and we were, quite frankly, on edge. I believe the police were as well and used excessive force. You can pull up the videos: a group of police circling the car with guns drawn. The public quietly learned that she was unarmed. The fact that her one year-old daughter was in the car was not addressed. The story was all but buried.

Two things I want to point out:

1. If you live in or have visited DC, you know that no vehicle is getting through those green barrier posts.

2. Capitol police are aggressive.

Today it was announced that the family of, Miriam Carey, the woman reportedly shot 28 times by Capitol police with her toddler in the backseat, is suing the feds for $75 million.

I don’t blame them.

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