My Feets Are Tired, But My Soul Is Rested


The words of a maid during the second week of the 1955 bus strike in Montgomery, Alabama.

I don’t usually post about Black History Month; I grew up with an ever-present recognition of my history. It is February and I am catching up on programming that has waited patiently on my DVR: a six-part historical series on African Americans. My daughter and I missed the first edition but watched the next three with much discussion and mixed reviews. I don’t agree with the vantage point of the narrator,  but respect the resulting work and detail.

Besides,  I am continuously humbled and motivated when I see/read/listen to the action of my forebearers. A bus strike that changed the landscape of civil rights in this country inspires awe.

A historian in this episode said he’d once heard it said that “when Rosa Parks sat down, Black people stood up.”
I wonder if anyone could be that united, committed and passionate about their beliefs today to sustain a year-long boycott.

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