Real Talk: Gun Violence Is a Public Health Issue


Today MomsRising visited Senate Offices on the Hill with over 220,000 petition signatures, urging for gun violence to be deemed a public health issue. Why not?!? Nothing else has worked. Not a classroom full of dead kindergarteners, not continued violence on inner city streets, not campus shootings and certainly not public shootings in malls/movie theaters/day spas.

This position underscores that of U.S. Surgeon General hopeful, Dr. Vivek Murthy, because he, like many other doctors and associations, has said that gun violence is a “health care issue.”

Let me be clear: I heart MomsRising. I have worked with them in the past on many advocacy issues from paid sick leave to workplace policy and flexibility. And I’m a left-leaning Mom. 🙂

Stay tuned to see if David has any hope at defeating Goliath…

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