A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste


Did UNCF sell out? I say, Hell no!!!!

Koch Industries, a conservative company with some albeit dispicable views, has pledged $25 million to UNCF for scholarships. UNCF has been getting heat since the announcement. I wonder how many of those who object to the endowment are donors…

According to UNCF, nine out of 10 qualified applicants- that’s 100,000 students per year- are denied financial support due to lack of funding.

I am certain that there aren’t any organizations that know the political ideology of every donor to ensure that the two align. Further, as long as it is not hush money, meaning that there is no literal or implied assurance that UNCF will not speak out against Koch’s political agenda, then let’s send more kids to school.

UNCFs mission is to get kids to school. I say by any means necessary…

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