It’s On Us


1 in 5 women are assaulted on college campuses (that’s the reported number). Of course, the real number is higher.

Last week President Barack Obama launched a campaign to combat sexual assault on campuses. Based on recommendations from task force recommendations, the goal is to raise awareness and educate college students about the issue and what can be done to prevent it. Obama says that a key component will be to engage college-age men in the prevention process.

The new campaign will expand student-led efforts on campuses and partner with associations including the NCAA and athletic conferences such as the Big Ten, and large companies, including Viacom, which will promote the campaign on MTV, VH1 and BET. Over 200 colleges have signed on to participate in the campaign.

I talked to my daughter about it last week; the research stated that most assaults happened in the victims’ freshman or sophomore years. I reiterated the new rules: going to parties in groups, ALWAYS getting her own beverage (and not sitting it down) and encouraging her to use her self-defense tips. Talk to your college students, male and female. Encourage them to be safe and aware.

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