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  • With Friends Like These…

    How exactly do a group of friends go on a trip and everyone doesn’t make it back home? Someone ends up dead? About two weeks ago a group of “friends” went to Mexico to celebrate someone’s birthday. A 25 year-old woman, Shaquella Robinson, ends up dead, one day into the trip. The friends tell the […]

  • I Am Tired, In My Bones

    Lavel Davis Jr., Devin Chandler and D’Sean Perry were killed Sunday evening at the University of Virginia by an ex-teammate. These three, beautiful Black men will never live out their dreams. I am in shock. More students killed on a campus. I have so much to say yet I cannot find the words.

  • Protesters Could Be Silenced Forever

    In mid-September protests began in Iran after a young woman died in police custody. Since then, an estimated 14,000 people have been arrested and detained in Iran, according to the United Nations. About 1,000 people in Tehran were charged for their alleged involvement in the unrest. The Iranian government has voted overwhelmingly to issue the […]

  • Let’s Talk About Sex

    In my writer’s meeting yesterday, we had a great conversation about writing sex scenes. I’m currently writing my first piece of fiction – it is a love story – and my first sex scene. We were discussing the term erotica and its definition. I assumed this story would be categorized as erotica simply because it […]