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  • A New Home

    Today, Empowering Single Moms, Inc. (ESM), the nonprofit for which I serve as executive director, is hosting an open house for our new home. We are so excited!!!! And this National Day of Service is the best day to have it. The ESM House is a rowhouse located in Wilmington, Delaware, that we purchased in […]

  • What Has More Value, a Car or a Person?

    On January 7th, a 13 year old boy, Karon Blake, was shot and killed by a man who thought he saw Blake “tampering” with neighborhood cars. The shooter, who has yet to be identified, came out of his home, had some sort of exchange with the boy, then shot him repeatedly. [This happened in Washington, […]

  • So long 2022!

    This year was definitely a year of growth and change for me! And there’s no looking back. I’m hopeful that I’ve inspired friends and family to work toward their dreams and to be unafraid. Sometimes you gotta jump! Was 2022 good to you? Tell me how!

  • America is Sick

    Violence is the origin of the experiment known as America. It began with the slaughter of indigenous people and the kidnapping and enslavement of those upon whose backs the country would be built. That ever-present ingredient has never dissipated. Violence has distinguished the country from others, although throughout history it’s pointed a finger at others […]