Landscaping Woes

It’s me again with my “Money Pit” adventures!

So, my first project was my yard…ohhh, I wish you could’ve seen the “before”; my intent was to take a picture of that urban jungle but my new friend and landscaper, Manuel, had it cleared by the time I was back from the store.

Manuel was referred and recommended to me by a friend (remember the tips). He came over to look at the yard, gave me estimates as well as ideas for the front and back. We went for sod in the front yard and grass seed for the shady back. I went to the nursery with Manuel to pick out flowers and to learn a little. BTW- my petunias… did not do so well, but the begonias were beautiful! I, of course, went for colorful and unique. The flower beds also have a black mulch which I love.

The change was AMAZING. I told him that friends/fam were going to walk right past my house. I have gone from the neighbor that everyone surely talked about, to having the best yard.

Disclaimer: I should have taken “after” pics of last summer’s record heat wave. Oh, the sun…despite the fact that I was diligent about watering the grass and flowers, parts of the grass were scorched. Then, I began to fall off with my watering. Manuel pulled up the sod and planted grass this past fall. Yay!

Thanks Manuel- I’m sure the mailman thanks you too! If you’re in the DMV and need a landscaper, contact him now!
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