High Erasure Rates?


Did DC Public School administrators and teachers cave to pressure to improve test scores? A hearing will be held on April 6 to investigate the integrity of student test scores. Last years’ tests seem to have a high level of erasing that changed wrong answers to correct ones.

DC teachers maintain that with the extended test time they encouraged students to check and re-check answers accounting for the changes. Given the spotlight on the Nation’s Capitol: student achievement, facility conditions and teacher performance, there are questions about the veracity of the scores. Jobs are at stake, federal dollars are on the line and reputations are at risk.

Have we sunken this low? I have long maintained that until children are a priority in this country, the state of education will not improve. We do not invest in the future here. A few visionaries have done it independently but do not have the resources to meet the demand.

As a parent, I support any and all organizations that lok to serve our children and improve their station. As a consultant, I look to serve those same organizations, providing then with the necessary technical assistance.

What will you commit to do to help our children excel? 

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