It’s Totally Bloggable.

I get inquiries all the time about blogging. People are unsure if they should create a blog, if so what they should write about and what the focus should be. To blog or not to blog, that is the question!  Here are a few quick tips.

  1. Your blog is not your website. So don’t treat it as such. This is your opportunity for people to see behind the curtain, if you will. Share who you are, what you enjoy and what you’re passionate about. 
  2. Be sexy. This is your chance to speak to your people. Be as creative or controversial as you dare. Your title should titillate as well.
  3. If it don’t fit, don’t force it. Share information, link when appropriate but don’t shove your product or service down our throats. If people like what they see/hear, they’ll tune in and eventually “buy.”
  4. Multimedia is in. Videos, graphics we like it all. So after you post that dynamic video, tweet, tumble and FB it.
  5. Find your voice. Is your style journalistic, hit it and quit it, list maker, multimedia hog? All types are welcome on the blog. It’s even better when you give us a good mix.
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