Courage Has No Color

Through Adversity to the Stars…WE FIGHT, WE FIGHT, WE FIGHT!

My ardent support for soldiers aside, I have strong feelings about the military. Especially when the country for which you are fighting to protect, does not have your best interest in mind or have it even as a blip on the screen. Enter the Red Tails. This elite group of fighter pilots trained at Tuskeegee Institute changed the course of history with their talent and desire to serve their country.

I am always awestruck and humbled by those who persevere and transcend in the face of adversity. The Tuskeegee Airmen have always fascinated me. I grew up knowing their story but know that many still do not. The Tuskeegee Airmen’s fighter planes had disctintive red tails, hence the movie’s title. Think of the courage to take the air knowing your mission could likely kill you- that is mind blowing to me. Add a thick layer of nobody wanting you to get involved and you have a great story. I’ve said before that nonfiction makes the best films.

As soon as I saw the trailer, I knew that I would be in the theater on January 20th, opening day. I became doubly anxious when I learned that this is a George Lucas film, my Star Wars hero. Lucas financed most of the picture himself when major studios refused (Spike would be proud, or should be). He was surprised at the amount of racism that he encountered. When George Lucas can’t get backing for a film, then you know it’s bad…

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