Who Rocked the Red Carpet?

Now that the anticipation is over and the dust has settled, let’s get down to the important details…who rocked the red carpet?!?

My teenage daughter and I rushed home on Sunday to look at the Oscars’ Red Carpet coverage. We came up with our favorites and turned up our noses at a few. We rolled our eyes at the cost of jewelry, but had a good and girlie time. Hey- when you have a 15-year-old spend time with you, you savor it!

Viola Davis

Michelle Williams

Stacy Keibler (lemme just say, when you are the date of a nominee and you steal the shine especially from George Clooney, you are DOING IT!)

Rooney Mara

Octavia Spencer

Tina Fey

Shailene Woodley 

Honorable Mentions went to:

Emma Stone (It grew on us both. Once I saw the details- the waist and the peek-a-boo slit down her breastbone- I really thought it was structured and beautiful.)

Penelope Cruz (That color was glorious on her skin…wasn’t crazy about her hair though.)

J Lo (I thought the sleeves looked cheesy…my daughter liked it.)

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