Stand Your Ground

Soooo, now Trayvon Martin went for the gun; then he and Zimmerman struggled. Have you seen the size of the 26 year-old gunman compared to the slight build of a boy that was not yet 17? Have we forgotten that he followed this boy WITH A GUN? That the police told him not to pursue him?

The claim is that this is not a racially-motivated crime. Well… what made him follow this boy? What made him look suspicious? He reportedly was not committing any crime at the time. We know he had no weapons. We know that he was in his father’s neighborhood… And I don’t care why he was suspended from school!!!

The law itself may protect this shooter. The prosecutor said that Zimmerman could walk because of the burden of proof required to refute the “stand your ground law.” Even on of the law’s supporters, Florida governor Jeb Bush, said it should not apply and was unsure why no arrest had been made.

A child is dead. I am disgusted that his shooter may go unpunished; I don’t care if he’s been crying (which I think is just a story to assuage public outcry). This will probably be my last post on this tragedy- I can’t take it.

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