Raise the Roof…Again

07 Jun

First he raised the roof, now he’s raising the stakes. Pastor Corey Brooks continues to work to bring awareness to the ongoing violence in Chicago’s southside. This recent holiday weekend was especially fatal for far too many.

Last I wrote about Brooks, he was living on the roof of a building that his church has since purchased and torn down. They are building a community and economic development center. Today he is walking across the country, from New York’s Times Square to LA’s Staples Center, to raise awareness about gun violence and to raise $15 million for the center.

“We want to build this debt-free,” said Brooks, citing that one of the many problems plaguing inner-city communities in debt.

As he and his group cross the country, they are asking people to join the walk when it enters their city. The goal is to complete 30 miles per day. They are in Newark today and Philly tomorrow. Although DC is not on their route, I am definitely with them in spirit and plan to donate. I admire those who can think outside the box, especially to address our many social ills. For more information and to donate, visit

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