Someone Has to Be Responsible

25 Jul


The first lawsuit resulting from the Century Aurora shooting has been filed by the best friend of a victim who was shot in chest and died. The lawsuit names three plaintiffs: the theater itself for not having an alarm or guard at the emergency exit; the doctor of Holmes, the assailant; and Warner Brothers producers of Dark Knight Rises.

I do not minimize the pain of losing a friend, so violently and up close. But shouldn’t the lawsuits be left to the families of those who were injured and killed? Surely, the plaintiff could turn this experience into action: become an advocate for gun violence. In the lawsuit, he says of the producers that “someone has to be responsible” for such rampant violence. Didn’t he willingly go to see the movie?

Instead of monetary gain, I think his friend’s memory would be better honored if he were to galvanize young people in order to lobby against gun violence; and to use social media as a tool for it. Because nobody’s hunting with automatic weapons. You don’t need such a weapon to protect yourself, so NRA be damned!

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Posted by on July 25, 2012 in Health, Movies, Politics, Youth



One response to “Someone Has to Be Responsible

  1. Christina

    August 7, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    I think the lawsuits should be left in the hands of the victims. For him to sue the producers is nonsense and no theater I have ever been to have a guard. Someone should be responsible and that is the person who had the gun in their hand. No one would have guessed this would have happened.


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