I Said “Shit” In An Interview!

At least I said it with passion!image

So let’s start at the beginning. It was an informal interview at Starbucks, however I was in a suit and heels with my portfolio in hand. Because, despite my outburst, I am quite conservative when it comes to my career which surprises many people who know me as a creative (and know me in my personal life).

Anyway, we hit it off and it was going quite well, more like a conversation between colleagues. We were discussing the state of education in this country and its impact on our children. Well, this is one of my key issues and I became rapt in the conversation. Then, all of a sudden it flew out of my mouth; I didn’t even realize it for a few moments! I don’t even think it hit her until I reacted. I was mortified! After apologizing profusely, redfaced, she swatted it away and made me an offer.

Yeah kids, don’t try this at home…

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