The Elephant in the Room

The week of the GOP convention and I have been silent which is, let’s say, uncharacteristic… I am just sooo tired, I can not even begin.

I just want everyone to try honesty. This country has been headed toward the abyss for decades now: the economy, politics, education, healthcare- all of our major systems. In 2009, there was “a perfect storm” of events the likes of which no President has ever experienced. So if everyone could stop repping their party for one second and consider what occurred, they would probably be overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of it. Yet, historical progress was made in the areas of education, healthcare, veteran support, military operations and civil rights.

And now there is an attempt to pin this country’s descent on one person. Ridiculous. Is it that people are that gullible, that hateful or a combination of both?!? Because from where I stand, many of us need a civics refresher course if we think that the President has limitless power to make changes and decisions ALONE. That list is defined- it’s called checks and balances people so we can maintain democracy.

Is there work yet to be done. Yes, enough to go around. Enough for Congress to actually do their jobs to do what’s best for their constituents rather than special interests and top PAC donors. Enough that voters should do their homework and think about what will be best for their families and communities. Enough that we should consider voting records and accomplishements versus advertising budgets.

I try to remain optimistic but I am not blind. There has been so much thinly-veiled hatred over these last four years that I am ashamed and disgusted. This country is on the verge of being dragged backward which is not a positive direction for my family and cohorts.

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