Post-tryptophan Thanks


It’s been a long week.

I needed an extra day to reflect and quite frankly, feel a little better.

Things to be thankful for:
1. Family: There’s a warm feeling in a house filled with relatives, food and football. Also, they were concerned and my aunt took us in so that I could recuperate.
2. Health: It was a humbling experience to feel poorly for several consecutive days and know that to be normal for some. I was glad that I was healthy enough to give someone a better chance at life. I am also thankful that my children are healthy.
3. Home: I know there are too many without a place to call home. Some are new to homelessness due to Sandy while others, including families, know it too well.
4. Food: We still have so many people who are hungry in this country. It should not be so difficult for us to resolve.

Short and sweet.

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